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Water Softener & Water Purification System Installation

Is your home plagued by hard water? Are you concerned about possible contaminants in your water supply? New Horizon Plumbing & Heating offers water treatment services in Manchester and the surrounding areas, which can solve a variety of problems including softening the water and removing contaminants. We can explain your options, help you determine the type of system that is best for your home, and provide a free estimate for your installation.

Concerned about the quality of your drinking water? Call (603) 347-8052 to learn more about your options.

The Benefits of Water Purification Systems

In cities across the United States, water supplies contain contaminants that may be detrimental to health. A water purification system can filter the contaminants and impurities from your water. Point-of-use systems filter the water at a single faucet or spigot. Whole-house filtration systems purify the water in your entire house. There are several advantages to a water purification system.

A whole-house water system offers benefits including:

  • Clean water from every faucet
  • Water that tastes and smells better
  • Eliminating the need for bottled water
  • Reduced exposure to toxins
  • Lower risk of illness from specific contaminants

We offer a wide selection of water purification systems, including whole-house systems to remove the contaminants from your water and provide clear, clean water for cooking, bathing, brushing your teeth, and all other household and personal needs. Let us help you find the best solution for water treatment in Manchester.

Efficient Hard Water Treatment

Hard water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium. Hard water can cause a range of problems such as drying out your skin and hair, discoloring your laundry, and damaging your plumbing fixtures. If you have hard water, it is important to have it tested. We can install a water softener to condition the water and remove minerals to reduce the hardness.

Call (603) 347-8052 for all your water softening and purification needs in Hillsborough and Rockingham Counties.


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